Dragon Sword (Project D), a brand new anime action RPG from Hound 13, releases its first trailer

Dragon Sword (Project D), a brand new anime action RPG from Hound 13, releases its first trailer

South Korean developer Hound 13 have revealed a new trailer for their latest project, an action RPG entitled Dragon Sword or as it was codenamed Project D. This new anime-style game is set in a high fantasy world with a vibe not too far off from something like Genshin Impact or Tower of Fantasy. With some really excellent-looking combat and gorgeous visuals, this might be your next favourite.

Within this trailer, which is linked below, you can clearly see some glimpses of the gameplay. It’s quite obvious that Genshin served as a pretty big inspiration for this one, as you’ll be swapping in and out various heroes and using each of them in combat to utilize their abilities to the maximum potential once you start hitting that harder content.

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Each character appears to have their own sort of weapon type too, keeping combat fresh and interesting. Combine those two mechanics with some really gorgeous animations and lovely visuals and it’s clear that this is a pretty high-budget project that is more than just another Genshin clone.

As for the plot, details are extremely scarce within this trailer, so it’s tough to say exactly what’s going on with the story. Still, it’s likely that with all these characters you’ll be going on some heroic adventure throughout this massive fantasy world and learning more and more about each member of the cast as time goes on.

Then, there’s a glimpse of harder boss enemies closer to the end of the trailer. It shows numerous heroes doing a battle against an opponent, which might even imply some co-op functionality. That’s just speculation, however, so take it with a grain of salt.

For now, there’s no set release date for Dragon Sword, nor any pre-registration or pre-orders to hit up, so stay tuned as more details are revealed!

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