Doomsday Survivors, the action game about protecting humanity, is out now on Android

Doomsday Survivors, the action game about protecting humanity, is out now on Android

Just a week back, Doomsday Survivors opened for pre-registration. Little did anybody know that it would release this early. Doomsday Survivors has just been released globally on Android.

About the game

Phoenix VN, known for popular open-world JRPG Solarland, has now developed this action survival game.Its story revolves around human backstabbers that are more dangerous than zombies.

A vanguard was called upon and convinced to protect human beings. The Venus fleet carried the future and the imagination of human beings. But hope was shattered with the disappearance of the Venus. The Venus II was created then and is the last hope of humanity. The only means to survive in this situation is to summon the Venus II's fleet. You have to build up a squad to fight against zombies while levelling up your strength.

Doomsday Survivors is out now on Android

The wait ends today. Doomsday Survivors has just been released for Android worldwide. You can now download it from Google Play. It's a free-to-play title with optional in-app purchases.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned last time, there are still no updates regarding the iOS version. It is not even confirmed if it will ever make it to iOS. Phoenix VN's Solarland, an open-world JRPG released last month, is an Android exclusive. So, Doomsday Survivors' chance to release on iOS seems scarce.

Final thoughts

Doomsday Survivors' story is quite interesting. Rather than making it all about Zombie survival, the developers have added an element where you also have to survive against other humans. There are endless survival game options on the App Store, and gameplay-wise, Doomsday Survivors is similar. It is only the story that makes it a bit different and exciting. So, if you want to ride on the last hope of humanity and take down zombies on your adventure, it might be worth a try.

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