RealNetworks bringing Doodle Jump to mobile

iPhone hit bouncing onto new platforms

RealNetworks bringing Doodle Jump to mobile
| Doodle Jump

It seems rather fitting that Doodle Jump keeps finding its way back to the top of the App Store's top 10 paid games list, considering the bouncy nature of the gameplay.

Our super-sleuth news ninjas at this year's Mobile World Congress have heard that RealNetworks has partnered up with Doodle Jump's iPhone developer Lima Sky to bring the platform bounding alien to mobile.

The game is ultra simple, requiring you to bounce your alien buddy from platform to platform as he attempts to get back to the mothership. Along the way he meets flying saucers, collapsing platforms, and holes in the background, all conspiring to send him plummeting back to Earth.

Presumably the accelerometer movements will be swapped out for keypad control, but it's very easy to see how Doodle Jump could be every bit as playable and popular on mobile as it is on iPhone.

This new version is expected to be with us as soon as March, so keep an eye out for more info.