Doodle Jump leaps onto Windows Phone

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Doodle Jump leaps onto Windows Phone

It’s taken a fair old while for Lima Sky’s breakout iPhone hit Doodle Jump to leap over to Windows Phone, but from today MS platform users will be able to get the chance of playing the oft-imitated endless jumping game for themselves.

Doodle Jump, for those that have been living in a happy place inside their own mind for the past two years, is a fairly basic game in which you tilt your phone so that a little jumping monster (called Doodler) lands on a nice, firm platform every time he springs into the air.

Despite the simple appearances, Doodle Jump manages to succeed where others have failed thanks to a smooth difficulty curve, the random layout of the (never-ending) level, and the strong integration with leaderboards to keep you coming back for more.

The Windows Phone version comes with a whole 100Gs worth of achievements to leap for, a number of the ‘themes’ from the original version (including Christmas and Halloween), and absolutely no non-friend leaderboards, which strikes us as massively disappointing.

Still, if you have a number of Xbox Live friends that are likely to be playing, or don’t mind about beating yourself all the time, then Doodle Jump for Windows Phone is available now on the Zune Marketplace for £2.49.