iPhone hop-'em-up Doodle Jump updated with multiplayer

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iPhone hop-'em-up Doodle Jump updated with multiplayer
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Perpetual jumper Doodle Jump has been updated with a new Multiplayer Race mode.

You can now challenge friends, or complete strangers, to a race through Game Center over wi-fi, the aim being to reach the 'finish' line before your opponent.

The good old-fashioned single-player mode tasks you with taking protagonist Doodle the Doodler as high as you possibly can. This is done by jumping between numerous platforms, collecting power-ups, and avoiding enemies.

Doodle Jump contains eight playable themes and a further three secret Easter eggs. You can post your high scores to Facebook and Twitter, or compare them with friends and unlock trophies using Apple's Game Center network.

You can pick up the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning Doodle Jump for 59p / 99c.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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