Stand at the top of the mafia world in strategy game Don of Dons out now on Android in select countries

Stand at the top of the mafia world in strategy game Don of Dons out now on Android in select countries
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Developed by mountain lions, Don of Dons is a strategy game set in the evil underground mafia. Your goal is to reach the top of the mafia world, no matter what it takes.

About the game

You will need to strategise and organise various illegal activities to achieve your goals. That means recruiting new candidates and battling with friends and foes for supremacy and leading your gang to attack others and gain control of the area.

The gameplay leans on you collecting team members and participating in battles, moving forward with every win to reach your ultimate goal.

The fight sequences work on a marching mechanism. March your troops in one direction or change their trajectory as you please to ensure victory. You can also switch between enemies in multiple enemy rounds to weaken them gradually.

Don of Dons gives you the opportunity to battle people across the world. You can also create alliances across nationalities and expand your dominion over others. The Godfather throne is one such event that encourages players worldwide to battle it out until there is one winner. It also provides a chat feature to enhance communication between allied parties.

Other than the usual features, there are also some less common options. You can capture enemy players during battle and interrogate them for information. You can run your own torture chamber to leak secrets that will aid your mafia family. Specific mafia members have a specific skill set, so collecting new members and managing them well will increase your chances of succeeding in battle.

You also have many side tasks like dating and conducting the usual mafia business on both sides of the black and white coin. Some of them may also leak some valuable secrets.

Don of Dons has released on Android in select countries

The Developers, mountain lions, have now made Don of Dons available in select countries. If you are lucky, you can download it from Google Play and start playing today!

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