DOBBLE GO! is a video game iteration of the classic card battler, coming soon to mobile

DOBBLE GO! is a video game iteration of the classic card battler, coming soon to mobile

Amuzo Games, Asmodee Entertainment, and Zygomatic Studio have come together to bring the insanely popular card game, DOBBLE onto Android and iOS. Titled DOBBLE GO!, the digitized version is set to feature the same high-octane action as players rely on their reaction and perception skills.

If you haven’t heard about DOBBLE before, it is a card game where the best observer wins. Players are tasked with matching unique identical symbols between cards. It’s all about having a sharp eye and quick reflexes in order to match the pictures first. The game offers a thrilling experience for both children and adults alike.

DOBBLE GO! aims to bring this timeless gameplay in a video game format that can be enjoyed everywhere. The core will remain the same, but thanks to the power of smartphones, the developers plan on introducing several new features and mechanics as well. Players begin their journey by creating their own profile, which can be customized using different avatars, frames, and banners.

Then, everyone can jump straight into the single player story mode which sees Dobbly the mascot guide players through a map of challenging battles. As players progress through the quest line and reach nearer to boss battles, the number of symbols on a card as well as the difficulty will be amped up.

On completing boss battles, the card deck will change from Classic to one of the several custom ones such as Animals, Waterproof, and Anniversary. In order to make these decks available in other modes, players must match all 57 symbols in a DOBBLE Deck at least once.

In addition, players will be able to participate in several multiplayer modes and events. There are multiple options like the Classic mode which follows regular rules or the Chaos mode, where magic can be used to summon dark clouds, whirlpools and, lightning. To top it off, power-ups will add a new layer to the gameplay.

There’s still some time before DOBBLE GO! releases, so you can visit the official website until then.

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Tanish Botadkar
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