Honkai Impact 3rd reveals the first look at its next big content update with Part 2, an overhaul of the entire game

Honkai Impact 3rd reveals the first look at its next big content update with Part 2, an overhaul of the entire game

The incredibly popular action RPG from legendary developers HoYoVerse, Honkai Impact 3rd, has revealed some details about the next big content drop with the brand new chapter of Part 2. This new chapter brings with it a new way to experience Honkai Impact, acting as a way to bridge the gap and introduce an easier way for new players and longtime fans to play alike. Consider it somewhat of a relaunch, as it even plans to adjust the in-game combat mechanics as well!

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Honkai Impact 3rd is to date HoYoVerse’s longest-running game, and despite being somewhat overshadowed by the success of their next big project Genshin Impact, has remained consistently updated and constantly played by a loyal fanbase. Now, with Part 2, HoYoVerse is hoping to attract new fans to the game by utilizing the absurdly successful pedigree they have developed with Star Rail and Genshin alike.

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They plan to do this by introducing players to a portion of the story that is somewhat separated from the massive amount of lore that has already been established, throwing players onto the planet of Mars to partake in a new main plot that will be easy to follow even if you are not hip on all of the previous story beats.

Along with this, HoYoVerse is also looking to adjust the combat of Honkai Impact 3rd as well, introducing the ability to jump freely, which may not sound like much but is sure to change the way the game behaves in combat in extreme ways. On top of that, there is also the new mechanic Astral Ring, which will enable numerous bursts at the same time from numerous characters at once, making the combat more fast-paced and hectic.

In all honesty, it seems like HoYoVerse is looking to grab their new massive fanbase and introduce them to one of their oldest titles, revitalizing it with a lower barrier to entry story-wise and introducing combat mechanics familiar to Genshin fans especially. This sounds like a very solid idea to me and is sure to get Honkai Impact 3rd up there with its bigger siblings in no time.

Part 2 of Honkai Impact 3rd will launch in February of 2024, so why not get a head start and try the game out for free right now at either of the links below?!

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