Disney Dreamlight Valley Thrills and Frills update coming in May

Befriend Daisy Duck and delve deeper into the mysteries of Eternity Isle

Disney Dreamlight Valley Thrills and Frills update coming in May
  • Befriend Daisy Duck and use your fashion sense to help her
  • A Rift in Time: Act II The Spark of Imagination also launches May 1st
  • Mulan and Tiana are rumoured to be joining the game later this year

Fans of Disney Dreamlight Valley will be happy to hear that a new free content update, "Thrills & Frills", will launch on May 1st for Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, PC, and other consoles. Beyond the Disney Dreamlight Valley Thrills and Frills update,  Act II of A Rift in Time also launches on May 1st. While you'll have to pay for the expansion on other platforms, A Rift in Time is free to Apple Arcade subscribers.

Thrills & Frills adds Donald Duck's beau, Daisy Duck, to the magical adventure sim game. Daisy comes with a brand-new Friendship Quest line. Through these new quests, you'll help your new waterfowl friend by using your fashion sense. Help Daisy enough, and you can unlock your own personal Boutique.

After setting up your Boutique, you'll be able to create custom designs using the Touch of Magic feature, which you can then sell. You'll unlock new items to customize, and you can even invite your friends to browse your shop.

A female player character meeting OSwald the Lucky Rabbit outside an old-school theater.

A Rift in Time: Act II, “The Spark of Imagination", will pull you further into the mysteries of Eternity Island. You’ll meet and befriend Oswald the Lucky Rabit while exploring the secret temple of Ancients Landing. Act II will also allow you to further upgrade your Royal Hourglass which in turn will allow you to craft new decorations and Scramblecoin figurines.

In addition, the simulation game’s multiplayer feature will receive several updates when the new content launches. As of May 1st, you can take selfies with friends and fish, mine, cook, craft, and garden side by side.
Further Disney Dreamlight Valley updates are in the works, with the dev team hinting at a Mulan-based realm launching later this Spring and Tiana of the Princess and the Frog joining the valley this summer.

Brunette female player character using the royal hourglass while Merlin, Gaston, Eve and Rapunzel stand by,

Disney Dreamlight Valley is free to Apple  Arcade subscribers and is available to purchase for PC, Mac and most popular game consoles. To learn more about this enchanting simulation title, visit the game's official website and be sure to tune into the game in May to experience the Disney Dreamlight Valley Thrills and Frills update.

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