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Top Troops codes

A mountain of awesome rewards including gold, positions, scrolls, and powerful weapons await those who redeem these codes for Top Troops.

Top Troops codes

Games codes are a great way to get free rewards and gain an edge over your opponents. Like many mobile games, Top Troops offers codes you can redeem for free rewards from time to time. Released by the game’s developers, these codes allow you to gain free gold, potions, scrolls, relics, weapons and more. 

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Top Troops active codes

  • Top Troops doesn't have any active redeem codes at the moment. If the developers decide to release Top Troops codes in the future, we'll update this guide with them. So keep an eye out and check back often.

How to redeem Top Troops codes?

  • The exact redemption steps still need to be discovered since no Top Troop codes exist. Once the developers release the codes, we'll verify and mention the steps to redeem them here.

About the Game

From Zynga, Top Troops: Adventure RPG is a fantasy RPG in which the King and his evil brother have gone to war. The King’s brother has destroyed King’s Bay. It’s time to take a stand against the Dark Army. You'll build your army, merge and rank up your troops and lead them in battle across multiple game modes.

Featuring strategy and merge mechanics, Top Troops lets you customize your troops with various roles and factions. You’ll recruit Dragons, Samurais and everything in between as you build the ultimate army. As you explore everything Top Troops has to offer, you’ll expand your kingdom, forge alliances, and battle other players in the PvP Arena. Typically, you can find new codes by following Top Troops on Facebook, X (Twitter), or Instagram, but it's easier to follow this page.

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