Dislyte's open beta officially launches in May for Android and iOS

Dislyte's open beta officially launches in May for Android and iOS
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Lilith Games has just announced the date for the upcoming open beta of its visually breathtaking mobile RPG Dislyte. Right now, pre-registrations are open on both Android and iOS for those in USA and UK. On May 10th, the open beta launches officially on both platforms and players who have pre-registered by then will receive heaps of rewards at launch. They will not be available by other means.

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Dislyte has an urban theme with a stunning story that is set sometime in the future but also possesses strong roots to the past. It is set in the year 2027, where the world is plagued by evil and enemies can be found at every corner. To save this dying land, a bunch of heroes called Espers rise to the occasion. They derive their powers from mythological beings belonging to the Greek, Chinese, Norse, and Egyptian civilisations.

How did it all begin though? Somehow, god-like entities called Miracles manifested themselves into this reality and along with it came Miramon, an old and wicked god who only sought destruction. The Espers were able to get their powers due to their increased sensitivity to the Miracles, transforming them into super-powerful heroes who have skills similar to Odin, Hermes, Medusa, Loki, and more. They are the only people who can save humanity from Miramon. Take a look at the Dislyte tier list, as we have it already.

The combat system makes things even more awesome, allowing players to create teams of five heroes with special powers. Rendered in 3D, these stunning Espers will fight in a turn-based style defeating hordes of enemies to some rocking music. In addition to this, Dislyte also allows for automated battles, letting players browse on their phones while battles take place.

If you’re interest then sign up quick for Dislyte on the App Store and Google Play to gain some exclusive freebies on May 10th.

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