Dislyte releases a look at some of their most powerful Espers as the game is close to launch

Dislyte releases a look at some of their most powerful Espers as the game is close to launch
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Lilith Games’ upcoming urban mobile RPG has been the talk of the town for quite some time in the mobile gaming space. With its stunning graphics and immersive lore, this highly anticipated game takes players on an audio-visual journey where a group of individuals called Espers, who have derived special powers from Greek, Chinese, Norse, and Egyptian gods and goddesses must save the world from Evil. With just a week until Dislyte launches on Android and iOS on May 10th, here’s a peek at the Espers of 2027, who will band together to save this dystopian future. If you're eager to pick the best Espers, consult our Dislyte tier list.


The Healer of the squad, Asenath derives her powers from the Egyptian goddess Nefertem. She can perceive plants’ feelings and hear them. Asenath can provide immense support to teammates by providing AP buffs and Health Regen. She possesses an ability called Dancing Buds that aids in the recovery of everyone simultaneously.


Blessed by the infamous Norse God of Thunder, Thor, Donar has all the strength he needs to obliterate everyone in his way. With his massive DPS and ability to transform DEF into damage, he is a force to be reckoned with. His passive ability Thundercrack periodically rains down thunder on enemies, severely damaging them.


Lucas’ powers come from the Greek ruler of the sun – Apollo. He excels at disabling his foes while having a constructive effect on friends. Using his move Pillar of Light allows Lucas to attack multiple enemies with a chance of removing a random buff and decreasing enemy AP.

Jin Yuyao

Our final hero, while a little beaten down due to declining fortunes is an extremely steadfast person. She will not stop until she is at the top again and has the Queen Mother to help her at each step. Jin is also a Support Esper capable of providing immunity to the team from any disabilities and AP on being inflicted with a debuff.

If this star-cast of super cool and super powerful individuals excites you, then pre-register for Dislyte for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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