Japan to get Disgaea 2 Portable on PSP

Currently looking like a March 2009 release

Japan to get Disgaea 2 Portable on PSP

We heard talk a while back of the Prinny spin-off of the awesome and hilarious PSP RPG, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (pictured), which picked itself up an ultra-prestigious Pocket Gamer Platinum Award this time last year.

Now rumours are beginning to percolate of a handheld sequel (besides the DS port) coming to Japan next March. Japanese gaming magazine GameWave has dropped details of the sequel, and considering the Japanese Amazon is also showing a live listing, the rumour seems to hold water.

The story will apparently follow the events of an Overlord named Zenon who curses the populace of Veldime and turns them into demons. You take on the role of an adventurous young lad who manages to escape the curse and sets out to put things right.

Very extremely excellent news, eh? Watch this space.