Disgaea spin-off Prinny coming to PSP

Is it really okay that you'll be the main character?

Disgaea spin-off Prinny coming to PSP

After the comedic success of the sublime tactics-based RPG Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (pictured) on the PSP, it seems developer Nippon Ichi is planning a spin-off game to continue the series.

Gamespot translated the Japanese news story (which includes screenshots and artwork) to discover the tongue-twister titled game, Prinny: Ore ga shyujinkou de iinsuka, will star the unscrupulous penguin-esque drones known as Prinnies.

The title roughly translates as Prinny: Is it Really OK that I'm the Main Character?, and will involve a suitably bizarre storyline about the theft of demon Princess Etna's sweets, who retaliates by sending her Prinny henchmen to retrieve them using their own special talents.

To say the announcement appeared to come out of nowhere, the Japanese are already looking forward to a November 20th release date. Naturally there's a deafening silence coming from Nippon Ichi regarding worldwide localisations of the game, so for the time being it looks as though we'll once again be pressing our cold noses up against the window of the Japanese game shops.

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