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When it comes to the old cars-versus-bikes debate, I’m firmly in the four-wheeled camp.

It’s not just about handling or aesthetic preference – it’s about getting a more complete package. A car isn’t just a means of transport - it’s somewhere to take a load off after a stressful day, or even last-ditch accommodation.

Compared to that, motorbikes seem sadly lacking. It’s an apt analogy when considering Dirtbike.

Getting a handle(bar) on it

Polarbit’s casual racer sees you whizzing from left to right on your bike. You accelerate automatically, so all you have to do is stay upright, shifting your weight balance by hitting 'forward' and 'back' virtual buttons. There’s also a brake control if things get too hairy.

The goal is to make it through five 'laps' (even though you’re just travelling in a straight line) as quickly as possible. The primary way to achieve this, of course, is by not coming off your bike as you negotiate the bumps and dips of the track.

The other way is by pulling off stunts, which contribute time bonuses that are subtracted from your time at the end of the race. Wheelies, jumps, and somersaults all contribute to the blisteringly fast times that you’ll see on the game’s online leaderboards.

Exposed to the elements

It’s a pretty fun experience, despite some amateurish graphics and an odd handling model that sees your bike a little too eager to upend itself.

However, the one overriding weakness of the game – rather like Polarbit’s other recent effort, F001 – is a shocking lack of content. When I mentioned racing around 'the track' earlier on, I meant it. There’s just one track and one way to tackle it.

The lack of alternative tracks, bikes, and modes makes Dirtbike feel like the digital equivalent of those little plastic ball-games you find in crackers. Fun in its own way, but you wouldn’t dream of committing any significant time or money to it.


While Dirtbike is a fairly fun casual racing game, it suffers badly from a severe lack of content
Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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