Digga offers Boulder Dashing thrills for iPhone

We ain't saying he's a gold digga, but... oh, he is

Digga offers Boulder Dashing thrills for iPhone
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Boulder Dash is one of those games that's often imitated, but rarely bettered.

We're not sure why - the formula of 'bloke collects diamonds while running under rocks and avoiding baddies' shouldn't be hard to copy and improve on.

Digga is the latest game to try, being a new release for the iPhone. You play 'Joe the Digga', who as his title may suggest, is on the hunt for gold rather than diamonds.

The game has 80 levels, plenty of falling boulders, and is well stocked with ghosts trying to foil your pecuniary plans.

The screenshots show one control system, which is great big buttons at the bottom of the screen - something that's not ideal, since it squashes the playing area into little more than half the screen.

However, there's apparently a touch control mode too. Anyway, Digga costs £2.39 and is available from the App Store now.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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