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Diablo Immortal - 7 Newbie mistakes to avoid

Diablo Immortal - 7 Newbie mistakes to avoid

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Picture this - you just started playing Diablo Immortal, and you're caught up in a tornado of mixed reviews regarding the game. Is it good? Is it pay to win? Is it actually bad? The truth is, you can't make up your mind until you've actually played the game for some time and reached a point where you can challenge some of its endgame content.

So, what is a reasonable conclusion to the madness? It's pretty simple - there are some things you need to avoid, and some things you should focus on in the game in order to be successful. In today's article, we are going to cover all the mistakes in Diablo Immortal that new players make, how you can avoid them, and what you should do instead.

From gambling all your Gold away at the NPC in hope of some decent items, to failing to transfer your gear rank, we're going to cover everything so you should always be on top of your game. Before you get started though, you should also take a look at some actual beginner tips - we've covered useful in-game tips to help you get more EXP and gear up, so you should definitely check those out as well!

Then why are we talking about the mistakes players make in Diablo Immortal?

Many players come to the conclusion that the game is too difficult or they decide it's not worth their time after making a couple of mistakes - that is something we really want to avoid, so we've compiled an article where we list some of the most common mistakes players make in Diablo Immortal. 

By avoiding them you will have a much easier time advancing in the game, so make sure you read these and embed them into your mind before diving into the game. We've got 7 newbie mistakes every player should avoid, so without further ado, let's dive right in! 

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Mistake #1 - Don't gamble away all your gold for items

At the Rarities & Antiquities NPC players can gamble a certain sum of Gold in exchange for an item of random rarity (non-Legendary). This is great for certain situations, but we'll talk about them below.

For now, all you need to know is that it's not worth gambling hundreds of thousands - if not millions of Gold for a chance of getting a piece of equipment. Most often than not you will get pretty average items that you can pick up during your grind anyway, so we strongly advise you to steer clear of this until you know exactly what you want. Besides, you will pick up plenty of Legendaries from the dungeons.

Something else you need to keep in mind about this is that if you do gamble several times for items, the price increases. You can only do so many exchanges before the price gets out of hand, so it's definitely something you need to pay attention to, or you'll end up paying quite a bit of Gold.

You can actually gamble for Rings and Amulets

While we're at this, it might be worth mentioning that this option is not a complete waste of Gold. You can actually exchange at the Rarities & Antiquities NPC for Rings and Amulets, because these are pretty difficult to come by, especially some with decent stats. However, you should not overdo it either, because you can end up spending a lot of Gold and not receive anything extraordinary.

Mistake #2 - ALWAYS transfer the rank of your equipment

Ranking up equipment is both expensive and time-consuming (grinding for all the materials necessary and whatnot) - you should never swap gear without actually transferring the rank because you'll lose a lot of stats and it's definitely not worth it.

If you miss transferring an equipment's rank at let's say Rank 1, it's not a big deal; the more you upgrade them though, the more expensive it will get and you will need all the resources you can get.

Mistake #3 - Don't log off before you do all the dailies for the battlepass

The Battlepass (both the free and premium one) gives some truly amazing rewards, so even if you don't actually spend money upgrading to the premium one, you will still receive a great amount of (useful) rewards, including EXP and resources.

Every day you will get a number of quests to complete for additional EXP and Battlepass EXP, and if you want to rank up quickly, we strongly recommend you do every single daily quest you have, every day. That might sound like quite a grind, but all the daily quests in Diablo Immortal revolve around dungeons, boss battles, and other instances that you'd normally do every day.

Just make sure you complete all of them before the daily reset time. Also, if you're not sure what it is, feel free to use this graph to help you out!

Diablo Immortal daily reset time

  • NA Server: 3:00 AM (UTC-4) / 3:00 (AM UTC-7)
  • South America: 3:00 AM (UTC-3)
  • EU: 3:00 AM (UTC+1)
  • Oceania: 3:00 AM (UTC+10)
  • East Asia: 3:00 AM (UTC+9)

Mistake #4 - Don't dismantle the Legendaries

We're well aware that equipment takes quite a bit of space in your inventory, so we're always trying to maximise the amount of bag space you have. We recommend that you dismantle all the normal equipment you pick after equipping the ones which are better than the ones you currently have.

Collect all the Legendaries to have at least one of every Passive

You can dismantle Legendary equipment after extracting their Power, but you should always pay attention to the ones you want most. We strongly recommend that you have at least one copy of each Legendary so you will have all the Passives you might need for your build.

After you collect at least one copy of each, you can extract the Passives and later on inherit them on the equipment of your choice.

Mistake #5 - Don't spend time on multiple characters

Since having too many characters is not very realistic for a number of reasons (we'll list them below), you should try to spend most of your time on a single one. As you may be aware, the items you get from the Battlepass are character bound, so even if you create a different one on the same server, they won't share the items.

Note: This is a feature many players have been unhappy about, but since the game is still in its open beta phase, things might change in the future.

The more time you spend on multiple characters, the less time you will actually spend advancing in the late game, so if that's your goal, you should try to create a single character and stick to it, upgrade all of its features, equipment, and learn everything there is to know about the class.

If you're just starting out, we have already created an article about the best solo class to start with - make sure to check it out if you're unsure what to play yet!

Mistake #6 - Don't miss the weekly quests before the reset

Just like the daily quests for the Battlepass, there are also weekly tasks you should do. These reset every week, and you should always exchange hit points at the NPC before this reset. It's also worth noting that every week you have the maximum Battlepass progress you can reach. This means you will not be able to zoom through the quests endlessly, and can actually only do a few before you cap the weekly quests.

What is the weekly reset time in Diablo Immortal?

The weekly reset takes place every Monday at the abovementioned time (3:00 AM), so you need to make sure you do all of your quests before that.

Mistake #7 - Don't waste the free Gems

You will receive several Gems that you can pick from the Battlepass, and these are going to be of great help. You can select the type of Gem you want, and if you already know which class you are going to play, you should have a build on your mind (which includes the Gems).

Try not to pick a single type of Gem because you will need different colours to socket into your gear, so it's better to diversify a little bit. Pick at least one of each Yellow, Red, and Blue gem, and focus on the one that will boost your stat the most (which is usually the DMG one - Tourmaline).

Don't mindlessly pick the first Gems that you get your hands on, and make sure you always choose the exact ones you need.

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