Fantasy RPG Gacha Destiny Girl heads to Southeast Asia in April, hosts CBT in March

Fantasy RPG Gacha Destiny Girl heads to Southeast Asia in April, hosts CBT in March
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Today, the RPG action gacha game Destiny Girl was announced to be heading to Southeast Asia markets on release, with a closed beta test following shortly before in early March.

Capitalizing on the massive idle RPG genre that has recently taken over the world, Destiny Girl is looking to be the next big name in the space. In Destiny Girl, players will be tasked with saving the world from mighty dragons and various monsters. Using anime girls that are all inspired by historical figures, you will take part in each girl’s quest to rescue different civilizations from the dragon’s reign as you grow closer to each character and unlock more of their backstories.

As you collect more characters and level up your gear as well as your party, you will use them to fight progressively harder enemies and face off against massive bosses who will test your party’s limits as true dragon slayers. Along with the basic leveling system and idle gameplay, players can also team up with other gamers and form guilds in order to take on quests together. This will allow you to truly hone your party with the help of others and fight the true end-game bosses alongside friends or other players you might meet on your adventures.

Destiny Girl, while semi-light on the exact gameplay details so far, does look set up to potentially take over the idle RPG market with its creatively inspired anime characters who call back to various figures from Asian history. This, combined with the multiplayer guild-based focus, should attract lots of players.

The title will see a release in Southeast Asia first, with no word on a global release just yet. The closed beta test will run sometime in early March, so keep your eye on the game’s social media handles for updates and get ready to slay some dragons!

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