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Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos - What you need to know about the blockchain game's pre-open test

Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos - What you need to know about the blockchain game's pre-open test
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NERDYSTAR is teasing players with a little bite-sized experience of Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos, letting early fans get first dibs on the blockchain-based title set in the popular Exos Heroes IP. Dubbed the "Desperado B218: The Scars of Exos Pre-Open Test", the event will begin on March 16th and will reward players with a whopping 2,000 Early Bird Ticket II NFTs and more goodies, as well as the opportunity to earn 6000 USDC (United States Dollar Coin).

How to join the Pre-Open Test

Depending on the specific criteria, Luxon will be giving away special tickets via Airdrops, the first of which will be on March 1st. A Ticket each will be up for grabs for 35+ Hero NFT Holders and 6+ Memorial Crystal Holders. Meanwhile, the second Airdrop will be on March 8th, where players can score a Ticket each for 1st DAO Participants, LUXON Hidden Quest Participants, and DESPERADO B218 Early Bird Ticket Holder.

If, by any chance, you miss out on the Pre-Open Test criteria, you can still join in on the fun with the Premint Event, DAO Survey Event and more. There will be 200 tickets to be given away via community events and a number of participation rewards on offer, including:

  • Rank Rewards with 2500 USDC awarded to the top 5 players in the Season1 and Season2 ranks.
  • Participate Rewards with 2500 USDC awarded to up to 25 players who have received 5 or more attendance rewards and participated in 60 or more battles (raffle).
  • Survey Rewards of 1000 USDC awarded to up to 10 players who participated in the CBT survey (raffle).

If you’d like to learn more about the rewards on offer and how to be in with a chance of winning then be sure to stay tuned to the game's official social media channels for all of the latest developments.

Levelling up your heroes

The game boasts a colourful cast of characters that you can encounter, each with their own unique skills, stats, appearances, grades and overall charm. You can upgrade the Star Grade and the Stats for your hero, as well as aim for Epic and Legend Tier heroes for that highly coveted "Unique Skill".

If you're eager to grow your roster of characters, a hero with the Charisma stat can recruit other characters as well via the Scout system.

Diving into thrilling battles

These heroes, of course, aren't just for show - you can unleash death and devastation against unwitting foes during 5 vs. 5 PVP Battles. To take down the opponent, you'll have to strategise your usage of your precious mana.

Battles are a turn-based affair, and depending on your combat power grade, you will be matched with another player in the Death + Paradox with a similar power grade as well.

If you're eager to learn more about the nitty-gritty of the blockchain elements within the game, you can head on over to the official website for more info.