DEMIS RE:BORN, revealed at G-STAR 2023, is an upcoming collectible RPG that is part of Netmarble's Grand Cross universe

DEMIS RE:BORN, revealed at G-STAR 2023, is an upcoming collectible RPG that is part of Netmarble's Grand Cross universe

Netmarble has just revealed their latest project, DEMIS RE:BORN, a collectible RPG which was announced alongside two other titles at the G-STAR 2023 event. It is another addition to their Grand Cross universe which already features some popular games. The new one will be showcased at the event, allowing players to get a taste of what’s to come following a global release.

In DEMIS RE:BORN, players take on the role of Connectors, individuals who have been granted the ability to encounter Transcendents that have entered their world using the Grand Cross Phenomenon. Together, all Connectors must join forces and participate in missions together as the thrilling storyline unfolds.

The game will feature a never-before-seen journey of Connectors and Transcendents as they try to retrieve out-of-place artifacts which have been created with the intention of causing chaos. The two factions will go on missions together in the form of cinematic stories that feel similar to watching anime.

Transcendents themselves are very interesting characters and each has been uniquely designed in 3D. They are all mythological or historical heroes that have been recreated with a modern touch. Each features a distinctive background and has been meticulously created to feature diverse movements and various emotional expressions based on the situation.

Gameplay wise, battles will be intense with players taking on multiple enemies at once. The key to winning is strategizing and ensuring that foes are attacked at the right moment. Along the way, more Transcendents will be added to the squad. They all have special attacks they can wipe out a bunch of enemies simultaneously.

DEMIS RE:BORN also includes a main hub called the World, where players can partake in several activities like collecting elements, events, and puzzles. They can control Connectors from all over the world as they find OOPARTS which will reveal more about the mysterious Grand Cross Phenomenon.

More details about DEMIS RE:BORN should come out soon.

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