Demian Saga introduces neutral fighter Seraphim in latest update

Demian Saga introduces neutral fighter Seraphim in latest update
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Haegin has just released a new update for Demian Saga, which introduces a new character to the popular mobile RPG. Called Seraphim, she is the sixth neutral hero to join the game. In addition, a new Pirate Pendant system has also been created, which works similarly to relics and other attachments.

In Demian Saga lore, Seraphim was part of the first expedition that travelled into the Night Realm. Since she was a champion of the Order of the Light, she staunchly believed that the Night Realm was full of Kaos. Of course, she eventually learnt that this wasn’t the case as all inhabitants are not evil.

However, the Demian Expedition failed as the group was defeated by Hakhin and Seraphim was trapped in the heart of the Night Realm. Her determination did not waver and she has been adamant about reuniting with the rest of the crew who might be hiding in the Night Realm.

Gameplay-wise Seraphim makes use of a massive hammer that deals an obscene amount of damage over time. Her Ultimate Skill has her strike the weapon three times on a fixed spot, with the area of damage increasing with each attack. The final slam adds an extra debuff effect to prevent healing on enemies.

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Seraphim’s addition comes with a new feature called the Pirate Pendant system. This mechanic grants everyone a pedant composed of five pieces for heroes that are SL Grade. While on their journey, players will find pieces with unique attributes which can be attached to make the heroes stronger.

The pedant pieces can be subdivided into five categories going from Normal to Legendary, with pieces being upgradable as well. If two or more pieces of the same grade a simultaneously equipped, a set effect is activated, granting an extra boost to stats.

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