Demian Saga celebrates first anniversary with special update

Get exclusive log-in rewards and more!

Demian Saga celebrates first anniversary with special update
  • HAEGIN's hit game Demian Saga celebrates its first anniversary with a special event
  • Get exclusive rewards, play new stages and more!
  • There's also log-in rewards simply for playing the game, starting from today

HAEGIN's popular idle RPG Demian Saga is set to host a special event to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary. Starting on the 11th (which is, well, today) you'll receive special rewards simply by logging in, participating in special event-exclusive stages and more, all promising suitably lucrative rewards for players in celebration of a year of service.

As a log-in reward for jumping into Demian Saga during the event, you'll receive 200 Normal Recruit Tickets, a UR Hero Selection Ticket, a Mythic Gear Box, and Combat Participation Tickets. A special event stage with 14 levels featuring the character Jack will also be available, with additional rewards upon completion.

Aside from all that event-specific stuff, chapters 6 and 7 of season 2 are now open and a new hero "Chrono Aisha" has also been added to the game!

An auspicious anniversary

Yeah, yeah, a first anniversary may not seem like much. But given how many games have been getting the axe recently it's no surprise we're seeing a lot of titles celebrating just a year of service. And for fans of the game, it's probably more encouraging than not that they get special rewards simply for logging in and playing.

You can check out all the details of what's new in the Demian Saga anniversary event via channels like the game's official Twitter account. Start playing today for a chance to get in on these anniversary rewards!

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