Demian Saga welcomes new melee-type hero Lycan in latest update

Demian Saga welcomes new melee-type hero Lycan in latest update
  • New melee-type hero Lycan joins the fray
  • Half-boy-half-wolf which makes efficient use of both parts in battle
  • Season 2 of Adventure has been expanded with more chapters

Haegin has just dropped a new update for their popular mobile RPG, Demian Saga. The latest patch introduces a brand-new hero, who’s set to elevate the combat experience with his abilities. In addition, you’ll find some improvements and story chapters as well.

Demian Saga builds on its ever-expanding roster with Lycan, a young wolf pack leader with interesting abilities. He is no mere boy because he possesses the ears and tail of a wolf and has been appointed as the guardian of Everwood’s sacred Palatina tree.

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In terms of gameplay, Lycan is a melee-type hero who possesses the power of Fenrir, a powerful wolf from Norse mythology, enabling him to communicate with forest spirits. His skills include debuffing enemies, shielding himself, and even transforming into a wolf during his Ultimate skill, allowing him to unleash devastating attacks on the opposition.

Not only that but Lycan is capable of recovering his own HP while simultaneously depleting others’. Every time he damages someone while in the wolf avatar, he is able to steal some HP and add it to his own. The half-boy-half-wolf’s arrival to the game is accompanied by a special login even full of goodies.

It gives you the opportunity to recruit Lycan up to two times simply by launching the game. Don't miss out on this chance to add this powerful hero to your roster and strengthen your team for upcoming challenges.

But the excitement doesn't end there. The update also introduces new chapters to Season 2 of Adventure, allowing you to delve deeper into Demian Saga’s immersive storyline. Improvements have also been made to Union Invasion, including an increased total number of actions and occupation points to enhance gameplay dynamics.

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