Demian Saga adds new character Gekkou in latest update

Demian Saga adds new character Gekkou in latest update

Haegin has just released a new update for the collectable mobile RPG, Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates. It’s been just over a month since the game went live and the path introduces a new SSR Hero named Gekkou alongside the highly awaited Japanese voiceover.

A lot of Demian Saga players have been asking for a Japanese voiceover since the game launched in April. This update finally addresses that request as players can change the language simply by opening the game’s option menu.

Meanwhile, the title also added a new character by the name of Gekkou, an Agility-type Hero from Akeroth. She is a court lady who serves Heng’e, master of the Silver Moon Palace. Gekkou finds herself tangled in Demian Saga’s storyline while on a mission in the Night Realm, where she meets Aisha and Jaden.

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Gekkou may look cute, but her giant flails are anything but that. She’s a dual-wielding pro who can very easily disrupt the opponent’s team formation at the beginning of a battle. Her Moonlight Trance skill puts Gekkou in sneaky mode as she stealth kills anyone in her way. Moonquake, her ultimate, deals immense damage to all enemies, simultaneously decreasing their energy.

Meanwhile, the second world of the Night Realm has also been introduced in this update. It was created due to time distortion and is a place where players can earn a large number of growth materials. The Night Realm includes several different worlds, chapters and stages in the Adventure Mode, but with much higher difficulty.

This region may be full of darkness, but the rewards are worth the extra challenge. Expect to earn various goodies like Gold, EXP, SSR Hero Shards, and Skill Powder. On top of that, Demian Saga is hosting two more events, the Gekkou Pickup and Check-in events that put even more rewards up for grabs. They’ll be available until June 7th.

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