New Dementium: The Ward DS screenshots

Eek! What's that lurking in the corner?

New Dementium: The Ward DS screenshots
| Dementium: The Ward

Halloween is almost upon us. Those of you living in 'bad' neighbourhoods had better get nailing up the letterbox and hiding the potted plants/car/pets before the big night itself. And then sit in darkness, pretending not to be in.

Or is that just us?

To get you in the spirit for all things dark and frightening, Gamecock has today released a new batch of screenshots for its upcoming terror-fest, Dementium: The Ward.

We've been hands-on with it before, as well as spoken to creative director Jools Watsham about his hopes for the game so you should already know a little about it.

Set in a a deserted mental asylum – where else? – it promises to be one of the goriest games yet to appear on the normally so family-friendly DS. You only need to cast an eye over these new images to see that for yourself. Blasting wheelchair-bound ghouls with shotguns, and exploring dusty, dark corners by torchlight… just imagine what it's going to be like to play under the duvet on a dark wintery night.

Dementium is actually set for release in the US on Halloween (it's not out in Europe until February 8th next year, however), so expect our review in the coming weeks.