New Dementium: The Ward DS video unearthed

More blood and gore than you can shake an amputated limb at

New Dementium: The Ward DS video unearthed
| Dementium: The Ward

Here's some cheery viewing for a Friday afternoon. Something to get you in the mood for a Friday night out, perhaps – presuming your nights out usually end in violence and hospitalisation.

It's a new trailer for Gamecock's forthcoming Dementium: The Ward, a game that's shaping up to be like a small-screen Manhunt 2 with a stylus (just don't tell the BBFC). Check out our recent interview with the developer for the lowdown.

So, does the trailer live up to the game's promises of asylum-soaked survival horror? Well, it's got the bloody hospital beds with patients 'strangely' missing. There's a creepy little girl in a white dress. There's a bit where you shine your torch across a darkened floor and discover an icky corpse, and there's plenty of clubbing zombified hospital inmates to a pulp. And let's not forget the off-key jangling music and manic cackling laughter, too.

Oh, and there's the split-second scare (we won't tell you when) designed to make headphone-wearers scream like little girls. Thanks for that.

Well done to all concerned – it's a textbook horror trailer that surely even horror supremo Wes Craven would be approving off. Suddenly Resident Evil and Silent Hill are seeming rather tame. And we want our mummy.

The game's still scheduled for a Halloween release in the US and we've just had word it'll be the 8th of February 2008 here. For now, if you're brave, check out the trailer below for yourself: