Delta Force: Hawk Ops release date and everything else we know

The tactical shooter is coming soon

Delta Force: Hawk Ops release date and everything else we know
  • Delta Force series was one of the first modern military FPS games.
  • The newest game in the series is called Delta Force Hawk Ops, and its release date isn't too far off, apparently.
  • We have collected all of the available info about the game at the moment, when the developer gives us more info, we will update you.

If you love tactical shooters, you have probably played at least one of the Delta Force games. The FPS series is best known for portraying lifelike military warfare. With nine games released, we have one more coming up named Delta Force: Hawk Ops.

The tenth game in the franchise has been teased for a while, which would mark the revival of the series. The latest game will feature modes like Hazard Operations, Havoc Warfare, and Black Hawk Dawn Campaign, with each promising a cinematic experience.

What is Delta Force: Hawk Ops?

Tank and a helicopter in action in Delta Force: Hawk Ops

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is an upcoming shooter in the Delta Force series that is being developed by TiMi Studios and will be published by Level Infinite.

Unlike other games in the franchise, this one may not have a storyline as it is supposed to be multiplayer with cross-platform support. But that does not entirely rule out the possibility of a story being intertwined in some fashion.

Further supporting that notion, the developers did hint at a plot with realistic themes, and real actors were hired to develop characters. Plus, the tactical professionals were called in for help with tactical movements.


The developers released multiple announcement trailers and teasers for Delta Force a month ago, and they all can be found on their official YouTube channel. You can have a look at one of the trailers below.

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Release Date

At the time of writing, there is no definite release date announced by the developers or publishers. However, it is speculated that the game will be released later this year or in early 2024.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops - Gameplay and Other Details

Since the announcement, several details about the game have surfaced. We have summed up some of the highlights below.

Game Modes

As per the Delta Force: Hawk Ops official website, it will have three modes - Hazard Operations, Havoc Warfare, and Black Hawk Dawn Campaign.

Here’s a quick brief on each mode:

  • Hazard Operations - You form a 3-man squad, loot resources, and evacuate to safety
  • Havoc Warfare - You can take control of the air, sea, and land and indulge in vehicle warfare
  • Black Hawk Dawn Campaign - The campaign will follow a storyline and bring back some of the iconic characters of the franchise

Soldier with AR in a beautiful oriental building


At the moment, four operators have been revealed:

  • Bee Colony - Roy Smee, an expert in forming tactical divisions and healing teammates
  • Luna Kim, an expert in long-distance executions and intel gathering
  • Dire Wolf Kai Silva - specializes in speed and personal skills
  • Shepherd Terry Musa - an expert who specializes in creating dual threats

Upon release, it is expected that Delta Force: Hawk Ops will be available on multiple platforms including PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and mobile.

Pre-registration for Delta Force: Hawk Ops has already started on the official website, and you can also view the rewards there. Once released, the game would be available for download on PS, Xbox, Epic Games, Steam, Google Play, and the App Store.

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