Dead4Returns hosting closed beta test featuring new characters and a larger map

Dead4Returns hosting closed beta test featuring new characters and a larger map
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Developer Giant Network announced that after some successful alpha testing hosted in January of this year, its zombie-themed co-op shooter Dead4Returns is now launching a closed beta test for Android this month.

Developed on Unreal Engine 4, Dead4Returns is a highly graphics focused title, though its gameplay certainly doesn’t take a backseat. In Dead4Returns, you and either friends or random other players will take up the role of survivors in the midst of a zombie/mutant apocalypse as you use a wide variety of firearms to fight off the undead hordes.

Firearms are also a big focus of Dead4Returns, as the weapons being used will include restored guns and blades. The promotion images even feature a sort of arm-chainsaw weapon, so expect a lot of variety.

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In this beta test, players will be able to pick from four separate heroes to engage with, each with their own host of abilities. Currently, we only have the details for two of the four available; Ryan and Kyle. Ryan’s abilities focus on quickness and survival, so expect a healer-rogue mix playstyle. Kyle, on the other hand, is a pure rogue character. As a master assassin, Kyle’s focus will be on getting in and out of combat in a flash, while dealing massive damage.

From what’s been said, it seems that this beta is basically the previous alpha test gameplay-wise but with a few touch ups. Namely, the size of the available map has been increased, and there’s been a revamp to the friendly interaction/social system, making it a lot more streamlined and improved.

If you’re looking to get your hands on Dead4Returns early and try out this beta, you can fill out an official application from the development team. The beta test will be held from now until May 6th, allowing you a bit of time to play if you manage to get in. For any more information on the game, you can follow the official Dead4Returns TapTap page as well.

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