Date A Live: Spirit Crisis announced for Japan release

Date A Live: Spirit Crisis announced for Japan release

Japanese developer Kadokawa announced today that another mobile adaptation of their popular anime series Date A Live will be released in Japan to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Date A Live is a long-running anime series based on an even longer-running series of light novels under the same name. Since its inception, it has seen four video game adaptations, an anime release, and a theatrical film. So, as you can imagine, it is a massive series among primarily Japanese audiences. The story follows a young boy in a romantic comedy setting and focuses on his interactions with a large cast of mainly female characters. Spirit Crisis itself was announced for mobile and will feature characters from every video game adaptation as well as the anime and movie.

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In terms of gameplay, we’ve yet to hear any specific details about Spirit Crisis, but if we go on the previous entry, Date A Live: Spirit Pledge, we can assume that it will likely be an action game with dating simulator elements. On top of that, while the only official word so far is a Japanese release, Spirit Pledge saw a global release, so it is fairly safe to guess that this will launch globally at some stage as well.

It’s expected we’ll be learning more about the new game as the month goes on given the anniversary celebrations, so if you’d like to keep up with the title, be sure to keep an eye on the official website that was created in honour of the announcement. In the meantime, as the anniversary celebrations continue, expect to hear more details about the gameplay as well as a potential specific release date or at least a window.

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