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Cricket Manager Pro 2022 has finally launched on Android in India

Cricket Manager Pro 2022 has finally launched on Android in India

Wicket Gaming’s latest title, Cricket Manager Pro 2022, has just hit the mobile gaming shelves on Google Play in India. It is a management sim that puts players in control of a cricket team that they must strengthen and raise to the top, making it the ultimate team that can defeat everyone in their way. From selecting a squad to climbing the leaderboards, players will transform themselves into managers and build an entire cricketing empire.

It all starts with the creation of a club and picking out a squad of talented cricketers. Players must scout and pick the best of the available budding sports stars through the premium transfer market and train them to become even better. As managers, players will design training drills, and strategies, and motivate them to become pros. Just like their real-life counterparts, in-game players will undergo the same rigorousness if they want to be the best.

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Cricket Manager Pro 2022 has been endorsed by AB de Villiers himself, who is a legend of the game. Speaking about the game itself, the South African batsman, said: “Cricket Manager Pro is one of the most exciting and compelling sport manager games around, because it brings to life all the challenges and excitement of our brilliant game.”

As players progress through the game, their franchise will expand and create stadiums, sports clubs, training centres, health care centres, and a lot more. All this will help build the franchise’s brand. Revenue can be earnt via ticket sales because nothing works without money. To add to that, leaderboards will be available, so that players can compete with each other and create the world’s best cricket team.

If you're interested in running your own cricket team, download Cricket Manager Pro 2022 for free on Google Play. Check out their official website for more details.

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