Playfish launches new game: Country Story

Facebook not iPhone... for now

Playfish launches new game: Country Story
| Country Story

Social games firm Playfish has launched its latest Facebook game. Country Story is, as the name implies, based in a grimy south east London tower block where...

Okay, it's not. It's based in a more bucolic setting. You knew that.

It's got definite overtones of Harvest Moon at first glance, with you digging plots and planting things under the watchful eye of the town mayor.

We're guessing you may end up swapping seeds (so to speak) with your Facebook friends, in the same way that you swap ingredients with mates in Playfish's existing Restaurant City game.

Anyway, we've only played for a few minutes, but it looks like another well-crafted social game. So why are we writing about it here?

Well, Playfish has so far only released one game for iPhone - Who Has The Biggest Brain? But it's fair to assume that Country Story, along with Restaurant City and Pet Society, will be heading to the App Store at some point.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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