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Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures Raid Boss guide

Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures Raid Boss guide
  • This week's boss is Banana-Kong.
  • The recommended elements are Dark and Wind.
  • The best Cookies are Dark Choco Cookie, Rye Cookie, Plantain Cookie, Alchemist Cookie, and Rockstar Cookie.

If you want to absolutely destroy every Raid Boss in Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures, then I've designed this guide to help give you a better understanding of how each one works, and what you should be doing. 

First, let's cover the basics for each Raid Boss stage because they play an important factor in the Boss mechanics, so the better you understand them, the sooner you'll be able to beat each Boss and hopefully get the (Unique) gear you want!

The Basics of Raid Mode

These are the few basic rules of the Raid Mode:

  • 4 players have to work together to defeat the Boss
  • Each Boss has 4 difficulties, and you can join any of them as long as you have the required Power
  • Raid Mode resets every week, and a new Boss replaces the old one.
  • You can only enter the Ranking leaderboards if you are in a party of 4 (so even if you enter as 2-3 players and hit a high score, it won't count unless you are in a 4-man party)
  • Each Boss has a Recommended Element, which grants additional DMG and fills Burst Gauges (you see them during battle)
  • The higher the Boss's difficulty, the better the rewards

cookie run tower of adventures raid mode ranked rewards

How to get Raid Tickets

Raid Tickets are the items you need to join a Raid, no matter its difficulty, and one battle will require 1 Raid Ticket. You can hold up to 5 Raid Tickets, and every day you get a free refill at Server Reset Time (4 PM BST). You can purchase additional Raid Tickets using Crystals, at the following rate:

  • 1st refill: 100 Crystals
  • 2nd refill: 200 Crystals
  • 3rd refill: 300 Crystals
  • 4th refill: 400 Crystals
  • 5th refill: 500 Crystals

You can get more Raid Tickets from the Tower Pass, one at each of these levels: 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, and 29. 

Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures Raid Boss mechanics

Each of the Bosses has a unique mechanic. You can get a glimpse of them in the Story Mode, at the end of each chapter, when you have to fight the Boss for it (Stage 15). In Raid Mode, however, these mechanics are amped up quite a bit, especially at Stage IV. 

Cookie Run ToA Banana-Kong Raid guide

  • Elements: Dark, Wind

Banana-Kong is the enemy Boss you fight in the Jungle, in Stage 6-15. The mechanics to beat him are very simple, as long as you kill all the Bananas. To complete this Raid with ease, follow the tips below:

Kill every single Banana that spawns in the arena

The Boss will occasionally spawn Bananas all over the arena. You need to destroy them ASAP, ideally while they're still green. If the Bananas are not destroyed while they are still green in colour (they turn yellow after a while), the Boss will pick them up. 

Once the Boss eats 5 Bananas, it will go into rage mode, which is extremely dangerous. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to your surroundings and make sure all the bananas are destroyed in time.

banana-kong raid boss description and recommended elements

Avoid the red carpets

Banana-Kong will cast his skill quite often, and he hits pretty hard. When he's about half HP, he will cast his skill 5 times in 5 smaller circles, and then follow up with a 6th cast, in a big circle covering almost the entire arena.

Make sure you are positioned next to the edges of the arena, so you can avoid the big hit.

Burst down the boss as fast as possible

The Boss can be taken down before it goes into any of its phases, as long as you have enough damage. You can have one designated player to cover destroying the Bananas, while the other 3 are constantly attacking the boss.

It's crucial to have the right elements for this one, because the sooner you take it down, the better.

Best cookies for Banana-Kong Raid Boss

  • Dark Choco Cookie
  • Alchemist Cookie
  • Rye Cookie
  • Plantain Cookie
  • Rockstar Cookie*

Dark Choco Cookie is the best cookie to beat this Boss with. He deals a ton of damage, especially if you build him full Crit. He also has AoE, which helps with taking down the Bananas that spawn around the arena.

Alchemist Cookie, although she is a Rare cookie, she can deal a lot of damage over time, and she can help take down the Bananas, as well as the Boss. She is the right element too, so that helps. Being a Rare rarity cookie, it is easier to max her than an Epic cookie, and also a lot easier to max her Artifact.

Rye Cookie is a Wind element cookie that can deal quite a lot of damage. She has decent range, so taking down the Bananas won't be such a problem if using her. She is one of the best Wind cookies in the game right now.

Plantain Cookie can pull enemies together with his Ultimate, which makes this stages a lot easier. He can also deal plenty of damage. On top of that, he is a cookie that can buff allies' movement speed, and with his Artifact, he can also increase his Wind-type damage. 

Although Rockstar Cookie doesn't have the right element for this Raid, his kit is top-tier. He works exceptionally well here since he can heal allies and buff their ATK. He's the best Support in the game right now, and despite being a different element, he is easily S+ tier in Raid Mode. 

If you want to learn more about each Raid Boss, make sure to check back after each weekly reset, because I'll update you with new information as soon as possible! And if you're out of quests and Stamina Jellies, then maybe consider a different Cookie Run game, like Cookie Run: Kingdom

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