Cookie Run: Kingdom updates teased during developer stream

Cookie Run: Kingdom updates teased during developer stream

Recently, Devsisters, the developers of Cookie Run: Kingdom, hosted a Dev Stream that discussed many of the new features and content coming to the title soon. Amongst some of the discussed features were the next story chapter, some cosmetic makeovers planned, and more.

To begin with, the next chapter of the main story of Cookie Run: Kingdom will see players heading to the magical Creme Republic, which is the location Madeleine Cookie and Espresso Cookie are both originally from, setting the stage for some deep dives into both of their backstories. The Creme Republic has nine elder cookies, and you’ll be able to meet all of them during this chapter of the story.

Most importantly, devs added new Cookie Run Kingdom codes to redeem, as well as the CR Ovenbreak codes!

Another big change planned for the game is the addition of presets for your Kingdom Decorations, a much-requested feature from the community. This will allow you to essentially make loadouts for your cosmetic Kingdom changes, letting you switch it up without much work when you need a change. This, combined with the list of planned updates, means that Cookie Run: Kingdom should be seeing quite a heyday in the coming months. Here’s a full list of all the announced updates:

  • Kingdom Arena Improvements
  • Guild Battle Full Release
  • Decor Stage Improvements
  • Care System for new and returning players
  • New upgrade systems
  • Balance Changes
  • Additional Sources of currencies and materials
  • Expanded use for cookies in various content
  • Mini-game events
  • Buffs for landmarks to remain while in storage
  • New PVP modes
  • New Achievements and enhanced fame system
  • Diversified battle difficulty
  • New Kingdom facilities
  • Easier production facility management

Phew. Get all that? As you can see, Kingdom is going to be supported with a bunch of new updates to both content and quality of life, all coming very soon. Whether a returning player or someone who’s been waiting to get into Cookie Run: Kingdom, now is the time. If you’re interested, you can check out Cookie Run: Kingdom for free on both the App Store and the Google Play.

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