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How to make a Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to make a Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

There are so many different cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, with Cocoa Cookie being one featured in the gacha until January 12th, 2022. This adorable cookie is very sweet looking, complete with a marshmallow on top, chocolate-themed hair, and a cosy winter jumper, which really does associate the cookie with a hot chocolate. Her favourite thing to do is to jump into a mug of hot cocoa and spin around, which does damage to her enemies. She also heals her allies as well, which makes her a helpful cookie to have!

Before you are able to build out Cocoa Cookie, you need to earn her

This cookie had a 1.440% probability of being unlocked during the feature, which ended on January 12th, 2022. Within the regular Cookie gacha, there is a 0.078% chance of getting Cocoa Cookie. Players can also win her Soulstone in both of these machines, with a 0.443% probability in the regular Cookie gacha, and an 8.200% chance while she is a feature cookie.

How do I build Cocoa Cookie?

Now with all of this information in mind, there are actually a lot of different ways to build Cocoa Cookie, depending on how you want to use her in your team. The general, best build, would be a full swift Chocolate build, which will allow her to deal more DPS by maximizing its cooldown reduction main stat and set effect. A good second option is a full solid almond build, which will help aid its DMG resist main stat and set effect, allowing Cocoa Cookie to become more of a tank. It’s also worth considering the Squished Jelly Watch treasure, to help further decrease Cocoa Cookie’s Skill cooldown, but this is optional.

If you want to move away from sets, you can do two Solid Almonds and three Swift Chocolates or vice versa, which can give you a bit of both, however, you will miss out on the set bonus.

What are Cocoa Cookie’s stats?

Cocoa Cookie is one of the Epic Defense cookies, which does better on the front lines of her team. She can then take damage for all of her other cookies, giving out HP to them so they can fight for longer too. She has a single hit DMG of 41.7% + 0.57% per level, and her healing grants 42.8% of ATK. Her special skill is called Cocoa is Love, which has her diving into a mug of hot chocolate and attacking the enemies around her, while restoring HP to her allies.

She even has a bonus skill that adds a temporary stun immunity to her fellow cookie friends. When it comes to her regular attack, it does restore HP to the 3 allied cookies with the current lowest HP. You can use Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond toppings to help boost her skills. She is a really good healer and doing a bit of damage as well is very useful on a team! To check how well she fares in comparison to the other characters, take a look at the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list.

I am sure you now know everything you need to know about the Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, and can use her in the most efficient way.

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