Cookie Run: Kingdom's anniversary update introduces two new cookies, lots of in-game events, and a new guild system

Cookie Run: Kingdom's anniversary update introduces two new cookies, lots of in-game events, and a new guild system

Devsisters has announced that its popular RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom is celebrating its first anniversary with a major content update scheduled between 2:00-7:00 pm (GMT+9) on January 19th. Players can celebrate the game turning one with two new Cookies, a host of in-game events and a brand new Guild Domain and Guild Museum.

Eclair Cookie

The first Cookie of Cookie Run: Kingdom’s anniversary update is the Eclair Cookie. This wise Cookie is seen wearing his monocle and carrying a scroll and his ink pen. He believes in the pen being mightier than the sword and is an Epic Support Cookie who can be placed in the Middle of your line-up. The Eclair Cookie has been voiced by Zeno Robinson in English, Seunghun Seok in Koren, and Yuki Ono in Japanese.

Tea Knight Cookie

Next up is the Tea Knight Cookie, someone you don’t want to mess with. Has is a fighter who has been hardened by war. Don’t let his white beard and hair fool you because he still fights like a champion, using his sharp blade, shining armour, and long and flowing cape. Tea Knight Cookie is an Epic Cookie who will Charge from the Front of your line-up. He has been voiced by Jason Marnocha in English, Han Choi in Korean, and Hiroki Yasumoto in Japanese.

Other In-game Events

Alongside the release of the two new Cookies, Cookie Run: Kingdom is also hosting multiple in-game events throughout their anniversary celebration. Players can expect to receive rewards like crystals, rainbow cubes, special cookie cutters, magic cookie cutters, EXP star jellies, stamina jellies, speed ups, and a lot more! Take a look at all the events that will be available after the update:

  • Tea Knight Gacha Event
  • Tea Knight Gacha Mission Event
  • 1st Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle (10 different puzzles, 15 pieces per puzzle)
  • Kingdom Arena Tier Rewards for Frost Queen Season 2

Cookie Run’s Kingdom is also being threatened by various mysterious rifts that have been opening up everywhere. Using the newly introduced Guild Domain and Guild Museum, players must band together and form alliances to defeat all the new monsters who threaten the sanctity of this peaceful land.

Join forces with the Eclair Cookie and Tea Knight Cookie and help save the world by downloading Cookie Run: Kingdom for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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