Code Atma sees the addition of a new Atma - Rangda, the Moonlight Mistress to the game

Code Atma sees the addition of a new Atma - Rangda, the Moonlight Mistress to the game
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Code Atma, Agate Games’ narrative-driven supernatural RPG that features powerful spirits battling malicious foes in a dystopian future welcomes another Atma today. Descending into the game is Rangda, a mysterious figure from Balinese mythology and also thought to be the demon queen of the Leyaks in Bali. Her arrival coincides with new challenges for the Seeker and lots of new themed events.

Rangda goes by the name of Moonlight Mistress, joining the game as a Wizard-class Atma featuring the Moon element. She is available through the Spirit Summon or Abysmal Deals from today, November 10th. The Moonlight Mistress will have both 5 and 6-star versions.

She is capable of dealing heavy damage to opponents in quite unusual ways. Everytime she strikes her enemy, she uses a skill called Plague Pact that inflicts her with a DEF DOWN debuff (weird, right?). But then, when she releases her active skill, the Asita Parvata, she attacks all enemies and inflicts them with a stack of debuffs. The greater the amount of debuffs Rangda applies on herself, the greater the damage she inflicts to her enemies. The way this works out for her is that using the skill cleanses her own debuffs, so it’s a win-win.

Rangda’s passive skill is called Dark Mirage and gives her one extra turn every time she attacks an enemy with a debuff. This extra turn will be crucial in obliterating enemies who are already heavily weakened thanks to all the debuffs they’ve received. But it is important to use this Atma wisely and protect her too since Plague Pact does leave her in a vulnerable position.

To celebrate her release, here’s a list of events coming to Code Atma soon:

  • Rangda Blessing (November 10th to 17th) – Seekers get extra spirit points for rolling also guarantees a 5-star Atma except Rangda.
  • Spirit Summon: Rangda (November 10th to December 8th) – Seekers managing to accumulate 100 spirit points will have a higher chance to get Rangda.
  • Dungeon & Event Store: Curse of Rangda (November 10th to 17th) – Seekers can use the dungeon to explore Rangda’s true capability. Clearing the dungeon will also grant players event tokens.
  • Abysmal Deals (November 10th to 24th) – This final event is for players who want access to Rangda immediately. It contains her Atma’s Shards and other resources that will help the Moonlight Mistress level up.

Download Code Atma now on the App Store and Google Play and add Rangda to your spirit squad.

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