Code Atma is celebrating a supernatural New Year with the release of a new Atma Melanta and holiday-themed events

Code Atma is celebrating a supernatural New Year with the release of a new Atma Melanta and holiday-themed events
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2201 is almost over but Agate is still releasing new content for players to enjoy. Their supernatural RPG Code Atma is receiving brand new Atma in celebration of 2022 alongside multiple events for players to participate in.

Melanta is the new Atma and she brings gifts and diamonds for all Seekers with her. She is a holiday-themed Atma featuring in the two new dungeons - Melanta’s Dungeon of Presents and Melanta’s Dungeon of Presents EX, both available until January 5th. New floors with challenging enemies will be added every day.

This mischievous Atma will appear in the opponent’s team in Melanta’s Dungeon of Presents where she will heal the Seeker’s Atmas. The challenge comes during Melanta’s Dungeon of Presents EX where she will be in the Seekers party itself. That means that she will heal enemy players, creating a more challenging experience.

Rewards for completing the dungeons include Melanta Cookies that can be used to summon her banner and add her to your roster. Her Special Summons will run until January 6th. She will also give out treasure boxes with random rewards. Other Atmas will also be available in the same pool.

Additionally, Agate has also added two new features to help Seekers in the War Beyond the Veil. In the Combo Dungeon, players must clear six floors with a fixed set of Atmas. This will allow everyone to think outside the box and strategize with various kinds of Atmas to create the perfect team. Complete the Chapters is another chain of quests which provides thousands of diamonds for finishing story segments and chapters. Seekers who have finished the story chapters will also be rewarded handsomely.

Get yourself the cute and holiday-themed Atma Melanta by downloading Code Atma for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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