Code Atma adds new Friends feature and the powerful healer Rajati

Code Atma adds new Friends feature and the powerful healer Rajati
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As we enter the final month of the year, Agate is releasing another new Atma called Rajati to their supernatural RPG Code Atma. She is tagging along with the new Friends feature, which is also being implemented to the game, and, as such, Rajati is an Atma who cares deeply for her allies and their health. She makes her way to the game on December 8th.

Rajati, the Miracle Dealer, is a Healer-class Atma with a Fire Element. Available in 5 and 6-star versions, Rajati is one of the strongest healers in Code Atma. She and her best friend were working at Agni’s corporation on an Elixir that could bring Atmas back from the dead. Creating such a drug was near impossible, and drove Rajati’s best friend to insanity, leading to the lab being burned down. Rajati, however, completed the Elixir using her own formula and resigned to form her own company where employees could work pressure-free.

Rajati’s active skill Elixir Forgery uses this same Elixir to heal the Atma with lowest HP for 350-450% of Rajati’s attack. The Fire Blessing buff will increase the health regained and apply it to Rajati herself. Taking care of such a potent healer is crucial because low HP and DEF will make her easy to defeat. Numerous events will be held in celebration of Rajati’s addition to Code Atma and lucky players might obtain her for free through them.

Next, we have the Friends feature that will go live tomorrow, December 2nd. Seekers can unite their forces in the Way Beyond the Veil using it. However, it will only be available for players who have completed Chapter 1-11.

Seekers can add friends by selecting from a list of recommended players or by inputting their Display Name/Friend Code. Players can accept or reject requests received and can have up to 30 friends at a time for now. Each player will also have a profile featuring Lend Atmas. Using the unique Atma Assist feature, players can borrow up to three of their friends’ Atmas every week for numerous quests. A Friendly Quest event will also run until December 15th, rewarding players for using the new system.

Get ready to fight alongside your friends by downloading Code Atma for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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