Click and Collect is an upcoming management game about retail work

Click and Collect is an upcoming management game about retail work
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Peacock Pie Productions, an indie development studio, is launching Click and Collect, a casual management game about servicing customers in a retail store. It releases next week on Android devices.

The story goes that you’ve just been hired for a Customer Service Assistant role at a big retail shop, and your job is to serve customers as they enter the store. You hand them boxed items from the conveyor belt, shelves or display counter before they fall off and break, which will naturally upset the customer.

You need to stay alert and always be on your toes if you want to ensure your customers are provided with the correct order, as you also need to deal with hazards such as fires, puddles, thieves, and electrical malfunctions. I worked in retail myself about five years ago, and while I can’t say I ever dealt with hazards like these, it certainly felt just as stressful.

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Furthermore, you’ll also be at the mercy of your overbearing manager and must overcome the surprise special challenges they set for you that push your management skills and reactions to the absolute maximum. In the end you’ll score up to three stars per level depending on how well you perform. Overall, there are sixteen standard levels and four endless ones where you see how long you can go on for.

Much like you would with a real retail job, you’ll be rewarded with in-game currency for completing levels which you can use to buy assets that will aid you with the hazards, meaning it’s worth going back to older levels to complete them with new help.

You will be able to download Click and Collect from the Google Play for Android store next Thursday, 18th February.

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