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Claw Stars tips and tricks

Here are some must-know Claw Stars tips and tricks to get better at the game

Claw Stars tips and tricks
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We've been playing Claw Stars for multiple weeks now. It's a newly launched mobile arcade game developed and published by Appxplore. If you have just started playing the game, this post is for you. We will be sharing our Claw Stars tips and tricks, which will teach you all of the must-know things about the game.

First thing's first, Claw Stars is actually a very straightforward game with no complex mechanics. In the game, you take on the role of an evolved spacefaring hamster, travelling to different planets, trying to rescue creatures.

Your spaceship is armed with a claw like those found in a fairground machine, with which you will try to pick up relics in the abandoned zones. The relics contain trapped creatures, coins, and power-ups which can be used against other players to steal their creatures and coins. But, be ready because others will also try to steal from you.

Tip #1 Position the spaceship carefully before dropping the claw

Let's kick off things with the basics. So as a player, you would want to make sure that the spaceship's position is exactly where you want it to be because you can't make any changes once you drop that claw.

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There is a maximum of 24 claws. After that, you will have to wait for them to refill. So make sure you make every move count. Decide what you require before dropping the claw. For example, if you want to upgrade your buildings, go for gold, if you need more creatures, aim for the orbs. It's obvious, but we have seen players just randomly pressing the drop button without thinking anything. So don't be that player.

Tip #2 Prioritize getting orbs over gold

To progress to the next planet, you will need to restore and upgrade all the buildings on the current planet and rescue many creatures. If you want to progress quickly, then you should prioritize getting orbs first.

Orbs contain boosts, power-ups as well as creatures that will give you a jump start. You don't have to focus on collecting gold. Most of the time, you will always have enough as it comes along when you pick up orbs. You also get a massive amount of gold when you kidnap creatures or sabotage other players using the power-ups.

Claw Stars tips on getting orbs

Tip #3 All about Giant claw

When you collect 30 pieces of ore, it forges a giant claw. Now make sure that you don't waste it picking up regular gold or orbs. Use Giant claws solely to pick up the jumbo-sized orb.

The big orb gives massive power-ups and boosts. Ensure you clear out the surrounding prizes using the normal claw and then use the giant one to grab the giant orb. You will rarely get the chance to use giant claws, so make the most of it when you can. 


Tip #4 The kidnapping trick

When you pick up a purple orb and obtain the kidnap cage power-up, you will travel to a random player's planet. Now, remember that some players have drones that can defend against your kidnapping cage, and you might fail in your attempt.

But, you can use a simple trick to find out if the enemy player has drones or not. Just look at the enemy creatures. If you see boards of other players that have already kidnapped creatures from that particular enemy base, it means there are no drones on the enemy planet. But if you see all creatures present on an enemy planet, then don't take the risk - click on the 'revenge' button at the top of the screen and travel to a different player's planet and use that power-up there.

Claw Stars gameplay

Tip #5 Get free claws

You are sure to run out of claws quite regularly. The developer of the game gives free claws as a promotion tool on their social media handles. So you can follow these channels to get free claws.

So that is all for our Claw Stars tips and tricks. The game is actually pretty easy, and you will figure everything out in a day or two as soon as you start playing. But still, We are pretty sure that the above-mentioned tips and tricks will come in handy.

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