[Update] What exactly is Clash Royale's Clan Wars?

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[Update] What exactly is Clash Royale's Clan Wars?
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Updated April 25th, 1:13 PM - After a teeny delay, Clan Wars has officially dropped on iOS and Android. You can find the full details about what to expect right here.

Updated April 23rd, 12:00 PM - It was merely rumoured for so long that Clash Royale's Clan Wars confirmation feels oh-so-sweet.

Over the weekend, Supercell dropped a super teasing trailer which may not have shown off any gameplay, but it was still just as fun to watch.

The big question is, when's it launching? Find out right here.

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Original post:

Clash Royale hasn't had a major overhaul in a while, but there's now rumblings going around that Supercell is gearing up to launch a new mode known as Clan Wars.

Clan Wars are a staple part of Clash of Clans but it's yet to make an appearance in its MOBA-esque spin-off, so it makes sense that the mode would join Clash Royale eventually.

But what exactly is Clan Wars? We don't have all the answers, but here's what we do know.

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Tweeting it out

Supercell hasn't exactly come right out and said that it's working on Clan Wars, but some cheeky tweet replies indicate that, yeah, it's probably in the works.

On March 21st, the Clash Royale Twitter account replied to someone strongly suggesting that Clan Wars is in the works.

Following up on that, and some concerns that the new mode would just be "racing for crowns", the account then tweeted this:
To be honest, you can use as many "ifs" as you want, but it's preeeetty obvious that Clan Wars is coming, and while it won't be head-to-head initially, that may come a bit later.

What do you think Clash Royale's Clan Wars mode will involve? Is it even happening? Let us know in the comments!

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