Clan Wars has just arrived in Clash Royale and here's what you can expect

Join forces. Wreck face.

Clan Wars has just arrived in Clash Royale and here's what you can expect
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We've been waiting, we've been patient, and now Clan Wars has finally dropped on iOS and Android. That means it's time to say goodbye to the Clan Chest and hello to sweet, sweet teamwork-harvested victory.

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Clan Wars takes place over the course of two days, so be sure you've got your Clan ready. You need 10 members to take part and need to be King Level 8 or higher. Once your Leaders or Co-Leaders are ready to start a war, the fun begins.

Day one - Collection Day

Here, you'll get three battles and need to collect as many Clan Cards as possible. Various game modes on your map will change as they're played, and only by fighting on these modes can you earn your Cards.

Winning gets you the most, but you can still earn if you're not quite so successful. Obviously, the higher the Area, the more rewards you get.

Day two - War Day

On day two you've got one battle and you've got to win it. On War Day everyone in your Clan uses the same cards, so build up the best deck and don't forget to share it with your team.

Bear in mind that you might want to upgrade your own cards so you can get the highest level of Clan Cards possible. After that, you can test them before going at it for real.

Once War Day ends you'll get Clan Trophies, and then it's onto the next war.

Read up on the full rules and rewards of Clan Wars on the game's official blog here.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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