It's not easy being green in Clash Royale's new update, The Goblin Queen's Journey

Goblins, goblins, everywhere!

It's not easy being green in Clash Royale's new update, The Goblin Queen's Journey
  • Clash Royale's new update is here with a major new game mode
  • The Goblin Queen's Journey tasks you with taking on opponents as the goblin queen
  • Leverage your new goblin cards, abilities and more to complete four stages and earn an exclusive emote

Clash Royale is getting a major new game mode with its latest update, the Goblin Queen's Journey, out now. Putting you in the shoes of the Goblin Queen herself, this new mode lets you play through four unique arenas and explore a new gameplay mechanic that might just be making its way to Clash Royale proper.

You can find the Goblin Queens Journey in the same menu where you find Trophy Road and Path of Legends. It requires you to fight through four new goblin-themed arenas, with the Gold Mines, Mud Pit, Scrap Yard and Ancestral Palace. You'll need to collect enough trophies to unlock each successive arena, with a special emote waiting for you at the end.

The main gameplay mechanic is the Goblin Queen's Tower, which is fuelled by playing goblin cards. With 20 elixir you'll be able to fling 'Baby Goblins' out into each lane to rapidly overwhelm your opponent. Currently, this is exclusive to this mode, but Supercell hints it could be making its way to Clash proper.

Screenshot of an isometric view of the new stages in Clash Royale Anything else?

As for what else is included, there are three new goblin cards to help you on your way. The Goblin Demolisher and Goblin Machine units, accompanied by the Goblin Curse. You'll need all of these and more to earn the unique emote and make your way to the end of this new journey.

Check out all the details for the Goblin Queen Mode on the official Supercell blog!

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