Clash of Clans' latest update makes troop training absolutely free

Clash of Clans' latest update makes troop training absolutely free
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Last month, Clash of Clans fans got a good look at the future of their beloved game and the changes they could expect in the Home Village, Builder Base, and the new Clan Capital feature. Fast forward to a little over a month later and Supercell has released a big content update for the real-time strategy game with some great new things to look forward to. The Home Village and Army have received a massive change and, if you’ve already read the title, you know what’s coming.

Going straight to the biggest change to Clash of Clans with this update is zero cost training. Yes, you read that right. From now on, it will cost literally nothing, no Gold, Elixir, or Dark Elixir for training Troops, creating Spells or Siege Machines. Creating your army has become totally free! This is a monumental change and the developers believe that players will be able to push the boundaries of experimentations thanks to it. Have a dream army that you wanted to build but lacked the resources for? Well, now everyone has the freedom to do what they want!

Of course, it is important to note that army training time and housing space still exist. Zero cost training has also brought about some changes like the training boost perk affecting only training time, no resources on donating to a Clanmate, so discounted training rates, and Elixir loot is now Gold loot in Legend League.

The update also makes Elixir a little more worthy with it being a requirement to upgrade the Clan Castle. Once players each Town Hall level five, they’ll have the option to upgrade walls with either Gold or Elixir. Clearing armies is also so much easier with the new Remove All functionality. The Clan Capital was also bettered with UI changes, new challenges, and bug fixes. Check out the official website for an in-depth look at these changes.

Ready to create an overpowered army? Then, download Clash of Clans for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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