The Builder bids farewell to Clash of Clans

Five years is long enough

The Builder bids farewell to Clash of Clans
| Clash of Clans

Over the weekend we found out that The Builder has handed his notice in and has left Clash of Clans for brighter horizons. 

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A couple of days ago, Supercell released a short and surprisingly saddening video on its YouTube channel bidding The Builder goodbye. Where he's off to, we don't know, but he'll leave behind a string of broken hearts. Well, probably. 
Even after a weekend on the web, the farewell video still retains a position as #5 on Trending and has racked up over 29 million views thus far. Given that Clash of Clan's fifth anniversary is rolling around, there's only so much the poor lad can take. 

The Barbarians may have stepped up, but it doesn't look like the community's too impressed with the change so far. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the future will bring, and whether we'll ever see The Builder again.