Chicken Boom, the arcade shoot 'em up, is receiving a sequel this week

Chicken Boom 2 coming to Android on Wednesday

Chicken Boom, the arcade shoot 'em up, is receiving a sequel this week
| Chicken Boom 2

AAGH Games has announced it will be releasing a sequel to its 2015 arcade game, Chicken Boom. The game will be an Android-exclusive much like its predecessor and is available from this Wednesday.

Chicken Boom 2 brings back the classic chicken-blasting fun of the original for another round. This one features updated graphics to bring it more in like with 2021 standards for mobile game visuals, as well as improved controls which make the game more fun to play.

There is also a new weapon system which makes you pick the best tool for the job on the fly, as well as the return of the popular Chicken Storm feature.

Apart from that, the general gameplay of Chicken Boom is not expected to change much. You are still using a large arsenal of weapons such as rifles and shotguns to destroy populations of chickens.

Chicken Boom originally released in January 2015 for Android after an earlier release on PC. It featured non-stop chicken-blasting shooting action using a large range of weapons, as well as entertaining music and an in-game shop for power-ups.

The store page for Chicken Boom 2 isn’t up yet on Google Play, but it should be expected to launch on Wednesday, 31st March as a free to play title. We’ll be sure to update you when the game is live and available to download, but for now check out the website.

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