Charlotte's Table is celebrating Valentine's Day with an update featuring new stories, levels, and rewards

Charlotte's Table is celebrating Valentine's Day with an update featuring new stories, levels, and rewards

Netmarble has released a new update for Charlotte’s Table, just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The update is set to feature a tonne of holiday content with a limited-time episode, mini-events, and loads of goodies up for grabs. Charlotte’s year is shaping up to be quite a romantic one.

The coolest part of this update is a special limited-time episode that will remain live for the rest of the month. It is called What If – Charlotte Verdier’s Valentine’s Day. It features a what-if scenario set in a timeline where Charlotte was never kidnapped and continued to live her life as a Verdier.

Players will participate in multiple décor missions and earn event points by clearing stages which can be used to access this episode. Additionally, a Valentine’s Day season pass is being introduced, giving players the chance to earn even more rewards like a full set of Season Costume and a bunch of gold.

Getting out of the probabilistic timeline, Episode 17 is also being launched to continue the story of Charlotte’s Table. This one has been titled Ill-Fated Relationship and it focuses on the twist and turn-filled relationship between Eli Russo and Charlotte. Players will also find the new Blanquette meal here. On top of that, 50 new levels have been added to, taking the tally up to a massive 750 available stages.

From February 6th onwards a new mode called Team Co-Op will also go live. It allows players to join a team and complete puzzles together in order to receive badges. Gathering enough of these cumulative badges will raise the number of stars of the team’s restaurant. Up to three can be obtained as upgrades which will offer exclusive rewards like boosters.

Finally, a few levels will showcase the new Bubble and Bubbler Obstacle. Hitting Bubblers twice will randomly generate Bubbles which must be destroyed by matching three of them or using a booster.

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