Charlotte's Table's new update dives deeper into her unknown past and her present romantic relations

Charlotte's Table's new update dives deeper into her unknown past and her present romantic relations

Netmarble has just launched an exciting new update for its story-based match-3 puzzler Charlotte’s Table. It dives deeper into the titular character’s life as Episode 15: Inevitable Happiness launches. Players will see new aspects of Charlotte’s life as a love story with Rick develops and secrets surrounding her birth begin to uncover themselves.

Charlotte’s Table is all about making food and decorating restaurants. In the new update, the Perch Steak will be available as a new meal that players can cook and serve to the guests. In terms of setting up places, players will get the chance to beautify their very own restaurant balcony. Then, visitors can enjoy their steak while relaxing in the gallery.

In addition to this, a number of new events will be available for players as well. A brand new season has launched to celebrate the new year. It tasks players with clearing levels to unlock points and other rewards. Unlocking the special recipe will lead to seasonal costumes being available too.

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Another event, called Way Home has launched too. A cat has been lost and players can help it return to Charlotte’s Table by completing various levels. Doing so and getting consecutive wins will also unlock paw stamps, boosters, and numerous other items. Gathering enough stamps will finally get the feline home.

On top of all these events and levels that are part of them, 50 new puzzle stages are being introduced too. They also feature the inclusion of a new obstacle, which is the avocado. Players can get rid of this fruit from the board by matching three puzzle blocks or using power-ups.

We’re finally getting around to finding out more about Charlotte’s birth and the romantic storyline with Rick is a fun added bonus. You can begin uncovering the secrets yourself by downloading Charlotte’s Table now for free.

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