Cell to Singularity is celebrating the launch of the James Webb Telescope with a new story-driven event

Cell to Singularity is celebrating the launch of the James Webb Telescope with a new story-driven event

Until now, the Hubble Space Telescope was our best bet at looking into the vast unknown of space. We’ve made countless discoveries thanks to it but now, we can take it a notch higher with the new telescope that’s been sent up. After 25 years of development, the James Webb Telescope was launched into outer space on Christmas Eve, and the interactive evolution sim Cell to Singularity is hosting a two week long event to celebrate.

The James Webb Telescope is the largest and most advanced telescope sent into space. Hubble was breathtaking itself, but its successor is over 100 times more powerful and will massively improve the quality and coverage of the vast unknown. Its primary goal is to look back in time and study the first stars that formed after the big bang. Who knows, maybe it will find new life too?

Cell to Singularity is celebrating this amazing feat with a 14-day story event where a glitch has appeared in the Beyond section and players must come together to repair it. The telescope has to be launched into space and everyone must click on it together to fix it. Through the event, players will also earn up to 20 Darwinium cubes alongside a temporary stimulation boost that will be active everywhere. Successfully completing the events will provide access to a permanent 3D telescope to experience in the Beyond Garden.

Additionally, Cell to Singularity is also launching a Launch Your Own Satellite social media contest in honour of James Webb’s launch. Participants have to design their own satellites for the development team using any medium, such as painting or sculpting. They must be submitted to the game’s official Discord channel. The contest will run until January 24th and the top three contestants will win a 3D model of their satellite design, a Darwinium cube package, or Cell to Singularity merchandise.

Celebrate the launch of the James Webb Telescope by downloading Cell to Singularity for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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