Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile gets official Backbone One Prestige Edition controller

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile gets official Backbone One Prestige Edition controller
  • The Backbone One - Prestige Edition goes on sale on March 13th
  • We gave the controller a glowing review when it first released back in 2022
  • But fans hoping for customised casing might be disappointed

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will partner with gaming peripheral maker Backbone for an official controller, it has been announced. Although if you're a UK or other worldwide fan you might not be getting your hands on one anytime soon, as they're coming exclusively through US retailer BestBuy. 

The Backbone One - Prestige Edition will be available on March 13th for iOS and Android. While the controller won't come with a special casing it will come with unique packaging and double XP, and Backbone+ subscribers can benefit from other in-game rewards including cosmetics and other goodies.

Show some backbone

While there's not much to say for non-US players apart from "Huh, neat" when it comes to this news, we do think it shows how big Warzone Mobile is set to be. So far, most of the Call of Duty presence on mobile has been siloed away into its own thing, but Warzone Mobile is set to change that by bringing in things like cross-progression. And while it doesn't have things like cross-play, it's no surprise that a backbone collab - with the company making a familiar game controller for console players - was on the cards.

Still, it does seem a bit of a rip to us that you're only really getting the same Backbone controller in neat packaging. However, as we noted in our Backbone One review back in 2022, it is a very solid piece of tech. So for sceptical CoD fans who want to get on mobile but don't want to muck around with a touch-screen, this is probably going to be quite the tempting deal.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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